Sir Morgan Chase

Morgan’s father, an Astorian knight, was killed in Rallas’ war for independence, when Morgan was a boy and a page. Morgan was brought up in the court by Armin along with Alana, though cautiously, because it was difficult to read his mind.

Morgan has an icy , regal demeanor, but his loyalty has been proven in his many efforts to secure the region against its threats. He is very close to Alana, seeing her perhaps as an older sister, but he keeps his distance from most others. He is now perhaps the second or third most skilled knight, behind Alana, but equal in skill to the rising knight, Sir Liam Bellamy II, whose father was the greatest of Strath’s knights.

Morgan has light brown hair, is clean shaven, has brown eyes, pale skin, and is taller than most (well over 6 feet tall) and lean. He walks somewhat stiffly and has a pensive look at moist times. He wears his father’s ornate plate and shield, an owl over a sword.


Sir Morgan Chase

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