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Throne of Rallas (Old Campaign)

Human Subraces


Kal’Korithar, Dwarven fortress
Rallas, Duchy
Strath, Barony in Rallas
Strathaven, City in Strath


Dakara, young sorceress
Alana, Warden of Strath
Bors, Sheriff of Strath
Dagon, innkeeper
Deirdre, Ruler of Strath
Isilde, huntress
Magnus, innkeeper of the Azure Drake in Strathaven
Mara, daughter of the innkeeper of the Boar’s Haunch
Meledor Goldchase, dwarf merchant
Lady Aurelia Ren, lady-in-waiting for Lady Lavarra Logaire
Lady Lavarra Logaire, Daughter of Baron Blane Logaire
Lady Sovena Hawk, lady-in-waiting for Lady Lavarra Logaire
Lord Elidh, Liege of Hearthglen
Murray, Lord of Avonhill
Pelivorian Greenwhisper, gnome researcher
Sir Jaydin Valmort, Commander of the Redcloaks of Rallas
Sir Johen, Seneschal of Lord Murray
Sir Liam Bellamy II, Knight of Strath
Sir Morgan Chase, Knight of Strath
Valen Ralifar, wood elf druid
Valya, High Priestess of Strath

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