Valen Ralifar

Valen is a wood elf druid who has been trapped in in crypts beneath the abandoned dwarven fortress of Kal’Korithar for over 100 years. He survived by fishing at an underground stream and eating lichen.

Valen, from an elven realm once located in the Deepwood called Shalar, fought in an army against the lich warlord Zeregon, the right arm of the Necromancer King. He was defeated by the lich and his soul was consumed by the lich’s phylactery. However, before the phylactery could permanently kill him, it was discovered by dwarves assisting in the war against the Necromancers and sealed in an anti-magic vault. Valen was saved, but found himself trapped with the phylactery, which was sealed by the dwarves to prevent the lich from reforming.

Valen spent the decades reading books in the crypt, learning the language of earth elementals to converse with an earth elemental charged with guarding the entrance to the crypt, and feeding a pet jelly ochre named Bereghost.

After the PCs escaped the ruins, Valen agreed to accompany Pelivorian Greenwhisper to the dwarven city of Kelzad Delzoun.

He is painfully unaware of societal etiquette and was able to taste ale and cheese for the first time in over a century when the PCs offered him some.

He has pale skin, gray eyes, and dark hair. He stands about 5’4" with a wiry build, and has a staff and scimitar.

Valen Ralifar

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