Shadows of Northmere is a D&D Next campaign set in the homebrew world of Mythkar. The young heroes begin in the small town of Avonhill in the Duchy of Rallas, a former fief of the Kingdom of Astoria that is trying to protect its borders as it establishes its own identity.

Avonhill is in a remote corner of the Barony of Strath, beset by wilderness of almost every side. To the north is the ancient Deepwood, a forest filled with gnolls, and rumored to have lost Brellish crypts and elven secrets. To the south and east are the Ridgeback Mountains, which have orcs and ogres in their upper reaches. A pass once connected Astoria to southern Rallas via Avonhill, but it is dangerous to use in the current age.

Lord Murray, the liege lord, is aware of these dangers and has stretched his militia and watch to their limits trying to protect the region.

Shadows of Northmere

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