Character Log

Talar is a strange, former druid who showed more power and potential than any druid in generations. She told the Heroes she would be fighting against them in the Trial of Succession after a strange and rambling dialogue about the Usurper’s Blade and the characters’ exploits in Strathall Keep.

During the trial, none of her spells worked. Magistrate Corienne and Noland the Black accused he of fixing the Trial by taking their side and not helping. She told Noland there were higher primal and planar powers at work more important than Corienne’s pathetic power grab.

Talar is rather outlandish in appearance, with fiery red hair, topaz colored eyes, and slightly tanned skin. She wears red robes, has a staff that looks more like a tree branch, and lots of gold jewelry. She also has her ears and nose pierced, again with gold.



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