Sir Liam Bellamy

Sir Bellamy is a young knight and son of Sir Pedrik Bellamy, who was head of the Knights of Strath and killed by Baron Armin Strath when the baron was possessed by a cursed blade.

Liam shows as much promise with a blade as his father, and was named heir to the elderly Lord Edlidh in Hearthglen. Liam was kept away from Strathaven after his father’s death because it was not known how he would react to his father being slain by the baron’s hand.

Liam was called into service by Baroness Deirdre for the fight against the gnolls in Ashdale and was made an aide to the baroness. At the Harvestfest Feast, he made a speech announcing the Baroness’ secession from the Duchy of Rallas and urged solidarity so she could better care for her people.

Liam has unruly red hair and trimmed beard, and green eyes. He is handsome, though in a more rugged way than Sir Lucien or the icy Sir Morgan Chase. He inherited his father’s blade, Lionbite.


Sir Liam Bellamy

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