Noland the Black

Noland was formerly Sir Noland Hornblade, son of Lord Belimond Hornblade of Avon Hill. Belimond was a fierce political rival to Baron Garlond Strath, the father of Armin Strath. During the Rallas Rebellion, Belimond sided with the Astorians, hoping to gain the baron’s seat as his own.

Following Astoria’s withdrawal, Belimond was executed for treason, but Armin Strath, the new baron, allowed Noland and other knights to swear fealty to him and continue to serve as knights, though they were closely watched and the Hornblade family was stripped of their land. Noland fought in campaigns against Pavik and Calidar, as well as fending off incursions by ogres and gnolls. Noland became an expert in fighting larger forces and was considered a tactician almost the equal of Armin himself.

The Heroes were told by a captured bandit that Noland was leading the bandits in Strath. Later, Noland fought on Magistrate Corienne’s behalf in the Trial of Succession, but his side lost. The Heroes informed the Duke that Noland was a traitor, and he was arrested, as was Sir Bowen.

Noland was released from his confinement to help Baroness Deirdre stabilize her barony. He claimed he could convince the remaining bandits to join her if he was taken to them. Upon his arrival in Strath, Deirdre and an armed escort took Noland to the Heroes, who had driven bandits from the Ruins of Corbald. Talar offered to take Noland with her and find the escaped bandits, who were being led by dwarf trap-maker Raegor Nogginstomper. When Talar returned to Strathaven with Raegor and 14 other bandits, she claimed to have killed Noland, with Sir Malkar’s help.

Noland the Black

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