Jaydin Valmort

Jaydin Valmort is the commander of all Redcloaks in Rallas and a Knight of the Crimson Blade, a knightly order based in Astoria. No one knows why a knight with such promise was exiled to such a frontier post, but Jaydin serves with dignity.

The first thing people think of with Jaydin, is his honor. He grumbles over no task, shirks no duty, and looks after his men first. He is wildly popular among the Redcloaks, and has earned much respect since relocating the main Redcloak force in Rallas to Strath.

Jayin is middle aged with gold-plated pauldrons and belt, fiery red cloak, and a red plume on his helm. He is tall, broad shouldered, gallant, and has brown eyes that glimmer with wisdom, long light brown hair, is clean shaven.


Jaydin Valmort

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