Deirdre Strath

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Deirdre is the adopted daughter of Baron Armin Strath. She was found on a nobles’ hunting trip near Ashwood, and the baron reportedly was enamored of her from the beginning, since his wife and son had died in childbirth. The baron doted on her, and she became a fixture in the Mandrake and other inns in Strathaven.

As Deirdre entered her maiden years, she became more reclusive, much as the baron did, and stayed within the keep and usually within her quarters.

Deirdre became Baroness of Strath following a public feud with Duke Kaydrin’s magistrate, Malcolm Corienne, who said Deirdre was not the lawful heir to Strath by blood. With the help of the PCs from the previous campaign, she killed Corienne in a Trial of Succession, an ancient Brellish trial by combat.

Recently, Deirdre has been very active in preparing Strath…for something. Alana has commented to Dane that the young Baroness now seems wise beyond her years, and seems to be a step ahead of her advisers.

Deirdre has striking silver hair, beautiful violet eyes, and tanned skin. Her facial features are delicate, and she is very slight even for her age. She almost always wears a hood, hat, or has her hair in fashionable, wrapped styles. She is obviously not of Brellish or Astorian descent.


Deirdre Strath

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