Barony of Strath

Besides the baronial seat of Strathaven, there are only three other settlements of note within the barony.

  • Hearthglen is a village located south of Strathaven along the Inner Sea. It borders a substantial bog and is comprised of fishermen. It’s also noteworthy for gathering apothecary ingredients for the duchy. Hearthglen is administered by Lord Elidh, a retired knight who ardently follows the Pantheon and took vows of chastity. He named Sir Liam (now Sir Bellamy II), formerly his squire, as his heir. Elidh runs a tight ship from his stone manor.
  • Avonhill is a village in the southeast corner of the barony, where the Deepwood meets the Ridgeback Mountains. It is the most remote and dangerous of the barony’s settlements, and as such it has a wall and small garrison and watch tower. It is garrisoned by five knights and 50 men-at-arms. The town used to have mines in the mountains but these were abandoned because of the dangers of goblins and worse. The town instead herds, hunts, and traps. Every once in a while, prospectors will arrive in the town with gold they find in mountain streams. Lord Murray, was awarded his post after leading a resistance force in the area during the fight against the Astorian occupiers. He trains almost feverishly, and drills all able-bodied townsfolk.
  • Ashwood was a village 10 leagues to the east, situated at the edge of the Deepwood before it was sacked by a gnoll horde. It subsisted primarily on hunting and trapping, as the village discouraged cutting trees. Ashwood was the home of Lochlan, an old druid and the “Keeper of the Old Ways” in the region. He was attended by younger druids and was often trusted over the local mayor to mediate disputes. The town was overseen Mayor Bhaltair “Halfhand,” a hulking, retired trapper who regulated commerce and defense for the village and left the rest to Lochlan. Until a recent gnoll incursion, the village had been peaceful for decades, with no garrison or knights present.
  • Hargrove Ferry – This small village marks the northernmost boundary of the barony along the Lillyrush River. In addition to a ferry and a water mill, the village has an inn, the Red Mug, which boasts some of the finest porter ale in the region.
  • Aron’s Rest – A watchtower that oversees the road between Strathaven and Ashwood, it used to be run by Captain Simon when he was a sergeant.
  • Ruins of Corbald – Corbald used to be a town situated along the Elifar River, with a large castle perched above it on a hill. The ruins are surrounded by rare open plains, giving the ancient castle an unequaled view of its surrounding lands. Because of its location, the town has been sacked and rebuilt throughout the battles between Brellin, Calidor, Rallas, and Astoria.

The last sacking occurred during the end of Rallas’ successful rebellion, when Astoria’s strategy became that of a scorched earth policy, denying Rallas of as many of its potentially defensive fortifications as possible. The barony attempted to rebuild the castle in recent years, but the knight in charge was found to be embezzling the funds and the project was dropped. The area has been deemed cursed, with ghosts wailing at night, and shadows flitting about during the day.

Baroness Deirdre recently sent an adventurer force consisting of her loyal advisers to explore Corbald, and they found a heavy bandit presence that was fooling locals into believing the ruins were haunted. They cleared the bandits out and began construction of a tower to watch the area.

Barony of Strath

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