Allibar is the seat of the Duchy of Rallas. Despite being small for a full-fledged city, Allibar is the largest settlement in Rallas. Dating back to the Old Empire, the city has tall stone walls with old, square towers. A castle arises above the walls from its perch atop a hill. The city has narrow roads and lanes with most of the houses built of stone, and many of the streets being cobbled.

Allibar is heavily fortified, with catapults and ballistae perched throughout the city and its walls. It has a decent sized guard presence and is well policed. The dockyard, though not very vast, is one of the larger on the Inner Sea, and receives trade from Ruidea, as well as from the wealthier lands of the south.

The dock ward has the lowliest taverns and is largely inhabited by dock workers, fishermen, merchants, mercenaries, sailors, and pickpockets. The Thieves’ Guild is quite active here. The recommended tavern here is the Bloody Bonnet, a sailor’s haunt that has some pirates as well.

The market ward hosts Allibar’s markets, filled with produce, sheep and other livestock, wool and clothing, leather goods, and other goods such as weapons and armor, tools, carpentry goods, and peddlers with pastries and other snacks. Sellers try to shout over one another hawking their wares and the smell of livestock is prevalent. There are some nice inns off the beaten path, but they are typically busy. The* Smiling Banshee* is a one-size-fits all inn of immense size that has a wide assortment of rooms and fares. It’s known for having good food and cheap ale. It’s usually filled wall to wall and has some dicing in the evening hours. The Sentry is a duller but cleaner and quieter inn that caters to guards, mercenaries, and those who prefer more space. The inn runs efficiently, and some dicing can be found. The fare is unimaginative but with large portions.

In the crafting ward, many nicer houses and shops can be found, though everything is a little pricier. Hayward’s is incredibly exclusive (and expensive) and caters to merchants, master craftsmen, and the learned. It has fine fare with smallish portions, an excellent wine choice from Brellin and Caladar, and nice furniture. An aged and toothless bouncer, Tullivan, eyes customers to ensure they are not potential troublemakers as they enter. The Lame Duck is known for its exotic food ranging from Bron to Zaladaran, and it also has a gambling hall for playing cards. The décor is garish, with a lot of crimson and gold.

  • Also in the crafting ward is a magic shop, The Whispering Wand, run by two retired sister mages returned to their homeland from Ruidea. They constantly correct one another and have some amazing wares, protected by magical wards. The sisters are Thella and Omara.
  • A renowned weaponsmith, Hirgar, has a shop called The Razor’s Edge that specializes in larger, two handed weapons, though he sells smaller weapons as well. Hirgar is a Hrugorn expat with surprising connections to his homeland, dwarves, and even Caladar.
  • A retired Chosen sells wooden weapons, bows, arrows, and bolts in a shop called The Quiver. His name is One Arm Garm and he is a hulking man with a scarred face, tattoos, and some missing teeth. His face was mauled by a bear in his younger days, and he lost his arm in the war. He is a master bowyer and fletcher, and can make specialty arrows that inflict +1 damage (barbed, 5 gp each), +1 hit (needle nose, 3 gp each), 19-20 chance to crit (the ripper, 10 gp each), or add 20 feet of range (the longfeather, 2 gp each).

The old ward is split into three main parts. It has a barracks belonging to the duke’s militia and city guard as well as a practice ground. It also is home to the Druids’ Circle, a small park with simple two story cottages housing druids. In addition to a bubbling spring with trees and bushes, the park has beautifully carved wooden benches on which to sit during service. There is also a poor area in old town filled with beggars and some criminals.

  • There is an apothecary, an older man with one milky eye and stringy hair, named Helgon. He sells potions and druidic magical items. His store has a surprising amount of lore dealing with necromancy and death intermixed with fresh herbs and alchemical supplies. (He also sells poisons to thieves and mercenaries).

The Duke’s Estates run from near the center of town to the southwest, and has its own gate to access the preserve. The first courtyard houses estates of nobility, mainly ornate but smallish manors. The second courtyard accesses the duke’s estate. The land to the southwest is hilly and forested, and offers some vantage points to the main road. The Chosen and Oathguard are housed between the preserve and the main road.


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