Shadows of Northmere

5E Session 2 - Missing Goods (part 2)


The PCs continued their trip to reclaim Meledor’s goods and rescue his hirelings. They continued deeper into Talondeep Pass towards the ambush site and spotted an ancient tower overlooking the pass. Upon approaching the tower to investigate, they were fired upon by goblin archers in the tower. They were able to approach the tower and fight their way inside. During their fights against goblins and worgs, they felt the tower shake and heard an explosion. Later investigation revealed a scorched area on the uppermost level of the tower along with burned goblin and worg corpses.

The Ancient Tower

Just after lunch on the second day, the PCs spotted an ancient, graceful tower on a raised part of the Talondeep Pass overlooking both directions at a bend.

“At a point in which the valley you are in bends to your left, the outside slope (right) has a vantage in both directions, and at its highest point sits an ancient, graceful tower. The ground is rocky and almost sheer going towards it. The tower is ancient, of graceful architecture, and made of stone (elven). The tower appears to have been damaged long ago but has otherwise survived remarkably intact. Between your path and the tower is the icy mountain stream you have been following.”

The PCs decided to investigate the tower, which Grimborn remembered passing when he chased the fleeing Meledor from the goblin ambush a few days ago. As they crossed the stream, arrows were fired at them from narrow windows in the upper reaches of the tower. The Heroes scrambled from cover to cover as they approached, but Grimborn, Ki, and Talon were hit by arrows during their slow ascent up the rocky slopes.

When they finally reached the tower, they could see a pile of old bones outside the doors, which were made of stone and closed.

“The tower is ancient but gracefully spirals into the air, ending as a dome at the top. Delicate windows that are tall but narrow dot the walls. The stone is unnaturally smooth and of a slight greenish hue. No seams can be seen.”

Tower, First Level

In a feat of strength, Dane was able to push the doors open, which had been barred from the other side. Sunlight streamed through the doorway to illuminate an otherwise dark chamber.

“The main floor is dirty and reeks of filth, rot, and mange. A graceful spiraling stairway leads upward to the next level. Piles of debris and filth can be seen all over the chamber, which is dark besides for the streams of sunlight spilling in from the door. Crates, boxes, and barrels are strewn to your right, and a stairwell leads down to your left. Towards the back of the room, a soft, blue glow can be seen that seems to originate from behind the middle stairs.”

As Dane entered, he spotted and was attacked by two worgs. The PCs piled in to attack, and were also met by three goblins who charged down the stairs from the higher levels. The PCs fought with everything they had, with Ki using magical glowing missiles against the goblins and worgs, and Nicholai finishing them off with a cone of fire. As the last goblin fell, some of the PCs wanted to rest and lick their wounds, but Grimborn, in a barbaric rage, charged up the stairs and was met by an ambush of four goblins with bows and one caster. Grimborn fell to the ground with three arrows stuck in him to join the one he took while climbing to the tower.

Talon quietly ascended the stone stairway and dragged Grimborn down, managing to clunk Grimborn’s head on every step along the way. The PCs decided to rest. During this time they discovered an ancient altar to Aly’ithra, a patron of the elves. Dane was able to find a hidden compartment within the altar that had several healing potions sealed in a small box. Also, the PCs discovered two stone stone pedestals, one of which had a glowing crystal powered by the Continual Light spell. They poured a healing potion down Grimborn’s throat bringing him back to the land of the living.

Also during their rest, they felt the tower shake and heard the sound of an explosion from the upper reaches of the tower.

The Heroes decided to explore the tower. They blocked the stairs going into the basement and ascended the stairs going to the second floor.

Tower, Second Floor

The five goblins were still upstairs when the PCs ascended. The battle was hard fought, with Talon being stricken unconscious and Dane needing healing as well. Nicholai and Ki used their magic to great effect, firing glowing missiles and chilling touch into their enemies.

Afterwards, the PCs decided to steal a glimpse at the next floor, where they thought the explosion came from.

Tower, Third Floor

The uppermost floor had a very airy feel, with a ceiling that spanned 50 feet up in the center. The most obvious aspect of the chamber was the badly burned goblin and worg bodies on the ground, with a cylindrical, blackened scorch mark across the floor. It looked as if the inhabitants of the room were killed in an explosion. Barrels had also been shattered and debris thrown across the room.

The chamber had more rubble and a collapsed column. On one side of the room there was also a locked chest, which Talon was able to open with his lockpicks. The PCs searched the goblins for loot, found a small hoard of coins, gems, and potions in the chest, and settled in to rest.


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