Shadows of Northmere

5E: Session 6 - Down in a Hole


The Heroes were trapped in a mine after a Vyshani named Terius collapsed the mine entrance upon them when they entered to rescue locals who had been enslaved as miners. The PCs found that one of the mine shafts ran into another tunnel consisting of Dwarven architecture.

The Heroes found deadly traps and animated statues designed to guard something of value or dangerous.

The Mine

The PCs began trapped in Terius’ mine after the entrance was collapsed to seal them in. They took a long rest and then explored the shaft that dropped into an old tunnel consisting of dwarven construction. The dwarven area was very old, with lichen clinging to much of the walls, and dust and rubble covering much of the floors. Despite this, the structure was in excellent condition, consisting of tightly sealed, smooth blocks made from harder rock than that found in the gold mine.


The PCs emerged at a stairway that led to a statue room and down to a long corridor. There was a lot of dirt and rubble strewn up and down the stairs. They sought a way out, and assumed the atirs leading up would be a good direction to start. Savina was still filled with anxiety at the prospect of being trapped underground, but the others assured here there was plenty of air and a way out.

Grimbull believed this place was an abandoned dwarven fortress called Kal’Korithar.

Statue Room

“This room has four suits of old, corroded dwarven full plate armor standing at attention, two on each side of the room. In the middle of the room, a podium rises several steps above the floor and is dominated by a massive stone statue resembling more of a stone hulk than a man or dwarf. The statue stands over 10 feet tall with jagged crystals, likely quartz, protruding from its shoulders and back. It is facing away from the stairwell.“

“Two of the suits of armor look like they have been knocked over, since bits and pieces of the old armor lay strewn about the floor. Bones and two or three human-like skulls can be seen strewn about as well.”

The four remaining suits of armor attacked Dane when he entered the room. Ki cast a spell that damaged two of the suits of armor, as well as the large stone statue in the middle of the room, causing it to turn and attack the group as well.

The Heroes were hard pressed fighting against the four suits of armor, which were very difficult to hit and damage, as well as the large statue. The statue could hit like an ogre and was pounding Grimbull and Dane with its fists. Dane used his shield to ward some of the blows from Grimbull, who was enraged and not feeling a lot of pain (yet). Ki and Nicholai launched wave after wave of magic missiles and other spells to burn through the tough armor and damage their opponents.

They eventually felled everything. The large stone statue seemed to feel pain, shouting the word Borlok, which Grimbull and Nicholai recognized as the name of a Dwarven hero from the Reign of the Necromancers, meaning the “Steadfast Mountain.”

Trapped Hallway

After the fight, Grimbull promptly entered the adjacent corridor, setting off a crushing wall trap that, well, crushed him. He was able to pry his crushed leg out and roared about his painful experience.

“This hallway does not have as much debris as the stairwell. A skeleton that has been brutally crushed lies in shambles near the other end of the hallway, and dried blood smears can be seen on either wall.”

The Heroes experimented with the trap, finding that it had several pressure plates and would be nearly impossible to disarm. Grimbull, who was exhausted from his fight against the animated armors abd statue, wanted to take a pickaxe to the walls and tear them down.

The PCs reluctantly decided to go the only other available direction, down the stairs.

Long Corridor

The PCs found a long corridor at the bottom of the stairs.

“A long, 10’ wide corridor stretches into darkness. One end of the corridor near you is rounded off like a cylinder with a slope leading to the ceiling. The rubble in this corridor seems to be pushed towards the sides of the corridor, and the floor seems even more worn than the other areas with age.”

Farther down the corridor: “Six small alcoves, three to each side can be seen farther down the hall. A thin mist can be seen at the other end of the corridor, and the entire area smells of moist and decay.”

Other End of the Corridor: “A smaller tunnel 5’ wide intersects this one. Each tunnel leads into a stone stairwell descending down. A slight mist can be seen at the bottom.

Talon and Ki immediately suspected a trap involving a giant rolling ball. Dane and Grimbull entered the hall and activated a pressure plate with the trap. Surprise! A giant rolling ball trap. Grimbull jumped into an alcove and Dane was clipped by the stone ball, which had dropped out of the ceiling through a concealed trap door and rolled down the ramp and past the PCs. In addition, the alcoves were trapped in that each would push its occupant into the corridor if the opposite corridor had someone reach it first.

Grimbull predicted a ramp at the other end of the corridor as well. Surprise! The stone ball hit a ramp, doubled back, and rolled towards its point of origin and fell into a concealed pit, whereupon the trap clicked and reset.

The Heroes, for the most part, expertly navigated the trap and made their way to the end of the corridor before the trap reset. The found two sets of stairs headed down, each of which had fog at the bottom.

The Cavern

The Heroes merged into a fairly large cavern.

“You enter a large cavern filled with a moist fog. A waterfall roars from the ceiling to a pool, which then flows into a steep chasm. The air is thick with the smell of decay and damp earth. The ground here is made of sediments rather than rock, and is spongy with lichen and moss. Vines grow up the walls and through the ground.”

“All of the walls are covered in flowing elven script up to six feet up the wall. A stone door opposite the waterfall stands closed. It is very ornate and a close examination reveals blocky dwarven runes, as well as a fine, spidery language etched with silver.”

The PCs were uncomfortable in the cavern, but decided to check on the door.



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