Shadows of Northmere

5E Session 3 - Missing Goods (part 3)


The Heroes finished searching the ancient watch tower and rescued the surviving teamster and mercenary guard. They also reclaimed all of Meledor’s lost goods except for the wine and the scroll case he described. The Heroes then made the return trip to Avonhill.

Tower, Basement

“This room, made of worn stone, is filled with refuse and stinks of goblins. Four once-intricate stone columns once supported the room, but one has crumbled. There are two doors, both shut and barred, but one also has crates piled against it, barring it shut.”

After resting and regaining their spells, the PCs decided to check the lower level of the tower. Upon descending, they were engaged by four frightened, remaining goblins who were hiding in cover and managed to surprise the PCs.

The Heroes dispatched all the goblins except one who surrendered. That goblin warned the group not to open the south door and said the east door held other people. The Heroes wisely did not trust the goblin and ordered him to open the east door, threatening to kill him if he refused. They even stood around and watched as the goblin wrestled with a stack of heavy crates that had been piled in front of the door.

“This room smells of earth and the sickly sweet smell of decay. Some shredded leather armor lies strewn about the room near the door, along with some dirt and silver and gold coins.”

Dane and Talon explored this room, noticing a large hole in the wall with an earthy tunnel filled with webs and roots. At that moment, they were attacked by two giant spiders, and the goblin escaped Grimbull’s grasp and ran away. The PCs fought the spiders down with Dane and Grimbull getting bitten but resisting their poison. Ki and Talon chased the escaping goblin down.

The group looked into the tunnel and saw that it descended into web-filled shafts of little interest. They then opened the south door. Inside this room, a teamster and a mercenary were being held prisoner and were ecstatic to be rescued. The mercenary, Hal, was older, with a graying beard, bald head, and enlarging girth. He was only wearing the padding from underneath his armor. The teamster, Rawl, was extremely lean with hawkish features, black hair, and sideburns. He had a greasy complexion and wore worn commoner clothing that had been patched.

The PCs and rescued help gathered Meledor’s goods and made the two-day return trip to Avonhill, but the going was much easier as it was all downhill.


Upon arriving in Avonhill, the group returned to the Mandrake Inn. Grimbull hollered and stomped about looking for Meledor. Pelivorian Greenwhisper was present and told Grimbull that Meledor was at Lord Murray’s manor. Grimbull was preparing to stomp over there but the rest of the PCs convinced him to stay and have some victory drinks.

Meledor returned and Grimbull accosted him about a mapo he held. Meledor admitted the map was in the stolen scroll case and Grimbull lamented that his whole reason to be here was to ensure the map remained safe. Dane pressed for an explanation, and Meledor claimed he convinced a dwarven clan to give him a copy of a map of lost dwarven settlements and mines. The idea was for Meledor to arrange to the ones near Avonhill to be reclaimed, since having an army of dwarves fulfill this task so close to humans could escalate the situation.

Meledor said he remembered the location of the nearest lost dwarven site, which was a mine. He said the group could keep their findings if they helped him reclaim it. The PCs agreed, and Meledor said he and Pellivorian needed to remain behind to work on finding the other locations.

In addition, Meledor rewarded the group for his reclaimed goods, including the bonus gems Savina requested.


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